Event Report – Kent Backwaters Tour, May 24, by Pat Crew

“Two little boys had two little toys – each had a wooden horse…” No, they didn’t: they were playing ‘I Spy’ in the back of an XK on a Backwaters Tour! So that is not the only myth that needs clearing up. Another one is… Do ‘little’ boys clean their toys? Not always, it would appear…and we now have documentary proof!

In no way should this set any form of precedent, gentlemen. Exceptional circumstances prevailed: Paul Trill had other veryimportant matters to see to. Indeed, many congratulations go to both Paul and Lyn (and not just because Lyn cleaned the car) for organising the most excellent Kent Bluebell Run for 34 cars. This is the third year this event has been running and it is clearly gaining traction. The rain stayed off and the sun shone. The bluebells in the (remarkably car-free) leafy lanes were a complete picture too.

Paul and Lyn were keen to point out that we would be travelling through some of the most historically interesting parts of England and we were not disappointed. For those who were not in a mad rush, there was plenty to see: Hever Castle, Penshurst Place, Chartwell, Emmetts Gardens and Toys Hill (that’s funny; we are back to toys again). The run itself offered plenty of fabulous scenery, dotted liberally with fruit farms, oast houses and hop kilns.

For the truly observant multi-taskers, there was the chance to play ‘I Spy’. “Easypeasy,” I hear you say. No it wasn’t. The nine pictures were randomly selected from the route and in no particular order on the page. Extra eyes were needed…which brings me back to where I came in: two little boys. Toys in evidence, but also equipped with eagle eyes! It was Ben Hargreaves aged six and his little brother who won the coveted trophy. I saw their entry: it was not a fix! Well Done… and Well Done to Paul and Lyn. We had a marvellous day.

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