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Kari KuosmanenFinland: Kari Kuosmanen. Vantaa. +358 500 459983.


I’m 58 year old, married, and born in Helsinki. In 1987 I bought my first Jaguar –  XK140 OTS SE -56.   have also had XJ6 and XJ12, and still have Rover 75 (-52 and -04).

I’m driven many regularity rallys with my XK, including 1000 Lakes Rally, Midnight Suns Rally, Bavaria Rally, Winter Challenge, MonteCarlo, Coppa del Fiori (sanRemo) and Tour de Corse.

I have been on the board of Finnish Jaguar Drivers Club for several years, also editor in Chief  of “Jaguar News” and later Chairman (during the 1990s).

At the moment I’m responsible for Finnish Regularity Rallys in our National Auto Sporting association (Autoliitto/AL-Sport)



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